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Supplemental Printable KISS Grammar Books

     A major assumption behind KISS Grammar is that any text that students can read can also be used for grammatical analysis exercises. Another assumption is that students will find grammar more relevant if they are analyzing what they are actually reading (and writing). KISS is, of course, primarily based on real texts, but some exercises have been adapted from out-of-copyright grammar books as well as real texts. Over the years, the books below were compiled. You are welcome to use them, either to replace or to supplement exercises in the "Master Books" or "Grade-Level Workbooks."
Supplemental Books for KISS Level 1   Pages Date
Glass, Karen. From Prepositional Phrases to Subjects and Verbs -- Nine Worksheets doc 20 3/04
Nursery Rhymes, The KISS Book of  doc 28 3/06
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Twelve Poems from A Child's Garden of Verses (Some of these poems are grammatically complex. ) doc 29 8/08
Burgess, Thornton. Old Mother West Wind  (19 Selections initially compiled by Kelly Kellett, a member of the KISS List;  revised to include the analysis of every word in each passage). doc 37 6/08
Reed and Kellogg  -- 33 Lessons Adapted from Graded Lessons in English (1889)  [This is an early workbook, and the sentences in it are dated, but if it helps, you're welcome to use it.] doc 68 1/04
Maxwell, Wm. H. Introductory Lessons in English Grammar for Use in Intermediate Grades. New York: American Book Company, 1894. Over 150 exercises were adapted from this text, primarily for use in the review sections of the grade-level books, but they also include some very good exercises on pronouns and passive voice. [Does not include analysis keys.] doc 188 3/08
Supplemental Books for KISS Level 2   Pages Date
Designed for Students in Third Grade (This book was completed before a major realignment of the KISS Printable books. It contains some review exercises on KISS Level One and an alternative sequence for introducing constructions.) doc 267 9/07
White, E. B. The Trumpet of the Swan  (Seven Selections)
     [I was informed that I had to delete this or pay $200.] 
Lang, Andrew. "Thumbelina": A Fourth Grade Grammar Review" (31 exercises & the text) doc 102 5/05
"Three Little Butterfly Brothers, The" A German Fairy Tale doc 9 1/10
Supplemental Books for KISS Level 3.1   Pages Date
White, E. B. From Stuart Little
     [I was informed that I had to delete this or pay $200.]
Shakespeare's Pericles: A Study in the Manipulation of Clauses (Based on "Pericles" in Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare, by E. Nesbit.) doc 30 6/05
Supplemental Books for KISS Level 3.2   Pages Date
Anderson, Sherwood  "The Egg" With 42 exercises on everything from prepositional phrases to delayed subjects, and with a special focus on basic clauses, this is a good mid-level book for students who start KISS in later grades. doc 101 5/05
Supplemental Books for KISS Level 4   Pages Date
Conrad, Joesph, "The Lagoon" --A Study in Style - Tight, Muscular Prose The text, suggestions for discussion and writing, and sixteen exercises (palimpsest patterns, gerundives, post-positioned adjectives, appositives, noun absolutes, and an exercises on punctuation and ellipsis), plus the study in style. doc 52 2/08
Dreiser, Theodore. "The Lost Phoebe," The text plus 22 exercises with a focus on ellipsis, delayed subjects, appositives, post-positioned adjectives, and noun absolutes doc 75 8/06
Warner, Sylvia Townsend Mr. Fortune's Maggot  (Eleven Exercises on Advanced Appositives) doc 46 7/06