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Distinguishing Finite Verbs from Verbals
From the Writing of Ninth Graders
From  Samples of Students' Writing from the 
2000-2001 Pennsylvania Writing Assessment Handbook Supplement

1. Place parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
2. Underline every finite verb twice, its subject(s) once, and label any complements (“PA,” “PN,” “IO,” or “DO”). 
3. Make a rectangle around each verbal.

1. The others relax, sprawling across teenager beaten chairs and sofas.

2. Now, our prestigious community has a beautiful park for the children

      of our area to enjoy safely.

3. These activities include picking up litter, children’s services, feeding

     the homeless, raising money for the community, and just having fun.

4. He might raise taxes instead of lowering them.

5. Back a long time ago, Thomas Alva Edison had an idea. His idea 

     was to make an artificial light using electricity without it being 

     in the flame state.

6. With this in mind, I remind you how Amelia Earhart helped the 

     female community prosper by taking the risk of being different.

7. The Internet is a way to spread information to the masses, and to 

     bring people closer together.

8. For example, some of the buildings might have pollution running 

     into the rivers, creeks, or streams, or going into the air.

9.  Reading and writing have been replaced with an hour in front

     of the T.V.

10. There's also a radio to listen to to keep you from not being bored

     or even falling asleep.