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Humorous Definitions

Ex # 1 (Clauses - Adjectival) AK G8_Start L3.1.2 Sub Cl
Ex # 2 (Clauses L2) AK G8_Start L3.1.3 Embedded SC
Ex # 3 (Finite vs. Verbals) AK G7 Start L2.1.6_FV-Verbals

     These sentences were in one of those humorous e-mails that I receive from a friend. Exercise # 1 includes sentences with just one subordinate clause. Exercise # 2 includes sentences with subordinate clauses within subordinate clauses. The third exercise contains the rest of the sentences in the message from the friend. Some are very simple in structure, and some include gerunds and gerundives.
     Note that all of these sentences are based on the S/V/PN pattern that is expected in formal definitions.