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Finite Verb or Verbal?
Based on "Handel, the Great Musician,"
from - Golden Deeds:
Stories from History Retold for Little Folk
London: Blackie and Son Limited
1. Place parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase. Draw an arrow from each preposition to the word that its phrase modifies. 
2. Underline finite verbs twice, their subjects once, and label complements ("PA," "PN," "IO," or "DO"). 

1. Seeing this his father was very distressed and alarmed.

2. At that time organists and musicians were very poorly paid, and George 

Handel wanted his boy to get on well in the world.

3. But in spite of so much care and trouble taken, it was impossible to 

destroy the strongest desire of the boy’s nature.

4. He arose in great surprise, and calling his wife they went to find out the 

cause of these strange sounds.

5. Then, opening the door and holding up the candle he carried, George 

Handel peered wonderingly into the dusty old lumber-room.