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Distinguishing Finite Verbs from Verbals
Based on "The Story of Columbus,"
from - Golden Deeds:
Stories from History Retold for Little Folk
London: Blackie and Son Limited
1. Place parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase. 
2. Underline finite verbs twice, their subjects once, and label complements (PA, PN, IO, or DO). 

1. About four hundred years ago there lived an Italian sailor, named 

Christopher Columbus.

2. For some time he wandered from place to place trying to induce others 

to help him carry out his plan.

3. So in the month of August, Columbus sailed away upon his voyage

of discovery, his little fleet consisting of three small vessels.

4. When at last dawn came it showed an island lying in the blue waters 

before them.

5. Having visited other islands, Columbus returned in triumph to Spain, 

where he was greeted as a hero.