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(Code and Color Key)

"The Farmer, the Fly, and the Cow"
Analysis Key

     A farmer was milking his cow (DO). | An annoying fly was 

buzzing about and eventually flew {into the cow's ear}. | Still milking [#1]

the farmer was amazed  (P) to see the fly come [#1] out {in the stream}

{of milk}. |

     [DO of "said" "What (DO of "do know") do you know?"] said the

farmer, [#3] [DO of  "said" "*It went* {In one ear} and {out the udder}."] |

1. If we ask "Who is milking?" the subject is "farmer," but "The farmer milking" does not pass the sentence test. Thus it is a verbal. [It is a gerundive that modified "farmer."]
2. "The farmer to see the fly come out" would not make an acceptable sentence. Thus "to see" is a verbal. It is an infinitive that functions as an adverb (tells why) to "was amazed." Similarly, "the fly come out . . . ." would not make an acceptable sentence, so "come" is a verbal. It too is an infinitive, and "fly" is its subject. The infinitive phrase "the fly come out ..." functions as the direct object of the infinitive "to see."
3.  Alternatively, "said the farmer can be explained as a subordinate clause that functions as an interjection. See KISS Level 3.2.3 - Interjection? Or Direct Object?