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Shooting Oneself
An Exercise on Finite Verbs vs. Verbals
Analysis Key

The answer is that he shot his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

     A man walks {into his bathroom} and shoots himself (DO) right [#1] {between the

eyes} using a real gun [#2] {with real bullets}. | He walks out alive [#3], {with no blood} 

anywhere [#4]| and no, he didn't miss | and he wasn't Superman (PN) or any 

other crusader (PN) wearing a cape [#5]. |

     How did he do this (DO)? |

1. "Right" here functions as an adverb. It means "exactly," and it modifies the following prepositional phrase.
2. "Gun" is the direct object of  "using." The subject of "using" is "man," but "man using a real gun" does not pass the sentence test, so "using" is not a finite verb. It is a verbal, technically, a gerundive that modifies "man." Although I have colored "with real bullets" green (thus, as an adjective to "gun," I would not argue with anyone who sees it as an adverb to "shoots."
3. Some people will see "alive" as an adverb to "walks out," and others will see it as a predicate adjective in a palimpsest pattern with "walks out" written over "is."
4. I would ignore this with students who are focussing on S/V/C patterns, but for those who want a more technical explanation: "anywhere" is an adverb is an ellipsed noun absolute that functions as the object of the preposition "with" -- "{with no blood *being* anywhere}"
5. "Cape" is the direct object of "wearing." The subject of "wearing" is "crusader, but "crusader wearing a cape" does not pass the sentence test. Thus "wearing" is a verbal (a gerundive) that modifies "crusader."