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Directions IM:The "To" Test

Finite Verb or Verbal? -- The "To" Test (Ex # 7)
from Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

Additional Directions: Draw a rectangle around each verbal.

1. You must let me rule while the king is away.

2. You wouldn't let us dunk him in the river.

3. The idea of a real good fight had made his bad temper fly away.

4. He wanted to make David forget his unkind words.

5. Deep down in his wicked heart John meant to make himself king 

altogether, and never let Richard come back any more.

6. They came with Duke William to help him fight because he 

promised to give them money and lands as a reward.

7. If you cannot make people keep the laws or punish them when 

they break them, you are no good Sheriff.