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Directions IM: Summary of Tests

Finite Verb or Verbal? -- Mixed Exercises (Ex # 2)
from Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

Additional Directions: Draw a rectangle around each verbal.

1. Of course it would be very foolish to go as we are, dressed in 

Lincoln green.

2. Little John looked so funny as he rolled about on the grass, trying

to get out of his long, wet, green robe. 

3. As they walked along, the old butcher began asking Robin 

questions, to try and find out something about him.

4. When they heard that, every one stopped screaming, and pressed

forward, trying to catch sight of the wonderful man of whom they 

had heard so much.

5. It kept the face from being hurt by arrows and swords in battle, 

and also, if a knight wished not to be known, it prevented people 

from seeing his face altogether.