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Directions IM: Summary of Tests

Finite Verb or Verbal? -- Mixed Exercises (Ex # 1)
from Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

Additional Directions: Draw a rectangle around each verbal.

1. He made up his mind to win the prize, and to let the Sheriff know 

somehow or other that he had done so.

2. Nor could Robin call his men by blowing on his horn, as he 

generally did, when he was in danger.

3. One day this enemy came with many soldiers behind him, 

determined to kill the earl and take all his goods and lands.

4. When the stranger saw all these fine men, dressed in green, and 

carrying bows and arrows, come running to Robin he was very much


5. And because they honoured and loved the King himself, they would

never have dreamed of stopping him, and of taking money away from