Introduction to the KISS Grammar Workbooks 2004 North Carolina Trainer Manual
(Code and Color Key)

Exploring Verbs as Direct Objects
Exercise # 6 - More Practice with Infinitives as Direct Objects
Analysis Key

1. We had forgotten to put (DO) some butter {in the pan}. |

"Butter" is the direct object of "to put."
2. *You* Never try to cook (DO) a surprise breakfast. |
"Breakfast" is the direct object of "to cook."
3. Your hamster stops every two seconds [NuA] and tries to dig (DO) a 

     hole {in the carpet} {with her paws}! |

"Hole" is the direct object of "to dig."
4. I started to kick (DO) and push (DO) {with my arms and legs}. |

5. I could not wait to come back tomorrow and learn something new. |

Because they do not exactly answer the question "could wait what?" a good argument can be made that "to come" and "learn" function as adverbs to "could wait," but they really do not answer adverbial questions either. In essence they answer an implied "wait for what?" Ultimately, I would accept either the direct object or the adverbial response. The grammarians will probably not agree, but students have more important things to worry about. "Something" is the direct object of "learn," and "new" is a post-positioned adjective.
6. I've never really tried to eat (DO) mustard, or even smell (DO) it. |
"Mustard" is the direct object of "to eat," and "it" is the direct object of "smell."
7. The manager and the cook came out and ordered us to leave (DO). |
"Us" is both the indirect object of "ordered" and the subject of "to leave."
8. You wouldn't have wanted to be (DO) the oyster shell opener then. |
"Opener" is a predicate noun after the infinitive "to be" which here means "to equal."
9. I heard someone yell (DO) "Marco Polo." |
"Someone" is the subject of, and "Marco Polo" is the direct object of "yell." The whole phrase functions as the direct object of "heard."
10. I had never seen so many people fit {in that tiny room}. |
"People" is the subject of "fit." Note that "fit" is not a finite verb even though "So many people fit in that tiny room" passes the sentence test. We can tell this because if we replace "so many people" with a pronoun, it would be "I had never seen them fit in that tiny room" and "Them fit in that tiny room" does not pass the sentence test.