Introduction to the KISS Grammar Workbooks 2004 North Carolina Trainer Manual
From the Writing of Fourth Graders:
Exploring Verbs as Direct Objects
Exercise # 5 - More Practice with Infinitives as Direct Objects (Relatively Easy)
Directions: Working sentence by sentence, place parentheses around each prepositional phrase. Then underline every finite verb twice, and every subject once. Label the complements ("PA," "PN," "IO," or "DO").

1. I started to walk back home.

2. We began to put our scuba gear on.

3. I started to wobble.

4. I told Jimmy to get his bike.

5. Later that day we asked my aunt to cook for us.

6. We decided to ride around the block a couple of times.

7. My hamster loved to crawl around on the soft, white, carpet.

8. Do you want to have a sandwich with me?

9. After that, we decided to taste the pancakes.

10. I decided to give it a try.