Introduction to the KISS Grammar Workbooks 2004 North Carolina Trainer Manual
From the Writing of Fourth Graders:
Exploring Verbs as Direct Objects
Exercise # 2: Infinitives with and without a subject
Directions: Working sentence by sentence, place parentheses around each prepositional phrase. Then underline every finite verb twice, and every subject once. Label the complements ("PA," "PN," "IO," or "DO").

1. a. I helped set the table.

1. b. I helped mom set the table.

2. a. Alice really wants to do that again.

2. b. Alice really wants you to do that again.

3. a. My dad told me to try something new.

3. b. My dad said to try something new.

4. a. Do you want to spend the night?

4. b. Do you want Sarah to spend the night?

5. a. Dad just said to turn the stove off.

5. b. Dad just told us to turn the stove off.

6. a. I wanted to dive off the diving board.

6. b. I wanted Mary to dive off the diving board.