Introduction to the KISS Grammar Workbooks 2004 North Carolina Trainer Manual
(Code and Color Key)

Verbs That Function as Adjectives
"How to" and "What to"
Analysis Key

    This is an exercise in verbals, a KISS Level Four construction. I would not expect fourth graders to master the concept of verbals, so the purpose of the exercise is to introduce students to these constructions, not to have them master them. Put differently, this exercise will help many students understand why they are underlining some verbs and not underlining others. These sentences are either from, or modeled on, sentences written by students for the 2004 North Carolina Trainer's Manual.

1. I was finally going to learn how (DO) to swim [Adj. to "how"]. |

2. Alice knew what (DO) to say [Adj. to "what"]. |

3. I didn't know how (DO) to swim [Adj. to "how"]. |

4. I didn't know what (DO) to do [Adj. to "what"]. |

5. Then my mother tried to describe (DO) {to us} how (DO of "to describe")

     to cook [Adj. to "how"] pancakes (DO of "to cook"). |

6. How to play [Adj. to "how"] was a big question (PN). |

7. What to do [Adj. to "what"] was anybody's guess (PN). |