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from Child-Story Readers: Wonder Stories 3,  by Frank N. Freeman, Grace E. Storm, Eleanor M. Johnson, & W.C. French. Illustrated by Vera Stone Norman. New York: Lyons and Carnahan, 1927-29-36. p. 64
     Number the lines of a piece of paper from 1 to 20.
     Find the word in each line which means the same as the first word of that line.
     Write this word on your paper to the right of the line number.
1.  frightened afraid angry guard
2.  huge  deep great wide
3. teased tormented asleep awoke
4. delighted sad pleased clever
5. handsome wonderful busy beautiful
6. lady woman servant castle
7. lovely softest pretty fowls
8. creatures beasts storm rocks
9. robber officers soldiers thief
10. tiny little pleasant busy
11. forest earth ground woods
12. guard finished sentry lonely
13. center middle narrow side
14. strange strong queer weak
15. vessels body ships flags
16. journey travel proud stiff
17. search evening hunt morning
18. thief wife neighbor robber
19. scarlet blue red golden
20. gentleman man lady girl