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(Code and Color Key)
Jack and His Golden Box
Simple Sentence Combining
Analysis Key and Notes

     The sentences below, from which this exercise was made, are from the original text. Don't expect most students to combine everything in a set into one sentence. That may be comparable to asking me to bench press 200 pounds. Not only will it hurt, it may also be dangerous -- for me. Syntactic maturity (complexity) grows gradually. Pushing students too far too fast may hurt them more than help. Thus the objective is to have students combine at least some of the sentences.

1. Jack rode a beautiful black horse (DO) and wore a scarlet coat (DO) {in the hunt}. |

2. He traveled {over hills and valleys} and {through deep woods and dark forests}. |

3. One {of the little mice} was {on guard} {at the front gate} {to the palace}. |

4. They traveled {across the sea} {for seven days and seven nights}. |