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Jack and His Golden Box
Subordinate Clauses: Adjectival Clauses
Analysis Key

1. All {of a sudden} [#1] he remembered {about the little golden box} [Adj. to "box" that his father gave him (IO)]. |

2. He brought them (DO) back {to the palace} {of the old King}, [Adj. to "King" who was master (PN) {of all the birds} {in the world}]. |

3. The last thing [Adj. to "thing" you have to do] is this (PN). |

4. {In the morning} he and the King went out {in the fields} [Adj. to "fields" where the King called all the mice (DO) together]. |

5. {At last} he came {to the place} [Adj. to "place" where lived the King {of all the little mice} {in the world}]. |

6. My other brother, [Adj. to "brother" who is the oldest [#2] ], is King (PN) {of all the birds} {in the world}. |

1. This phrase is, of course, idiomatic, but "of a sudden" can be explained as a prepositional phrase that functions as an adverb to "all."
2. Some grammars consider an adjective like "oldest," when modified by "the," to be a noun. In this view, "oldest" would be a predicate noun; otherwise, it is a predicate adjective. Thus either answer can be accepted.