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Jack and His Golden Box
The Closing of the Story
Analysis Key

     Spread across six main clauses, the 64 words in this passage average 10.7 words per main clause. That is less than half the 22-word average of the opening of the story, but these sentences will almost certainly prove to be more difficult for fourth graders to analyze because of the gerund and infinitives.

     Jack shook hands (DO) {with the King}, and returned many thanks (DO)

{to him} {for his help} {in finding the castle [#1] }. |

     Then Jack told the little red men [#2] to spur up and put on speed [#2]. | So 

off they went {towards home}. |

     It was not long [#3] [Adv. (time) to "was" or "long" before they reached 

their journey's 
end (DO) ]. | Out came the young wife to meet Jack [#4], | and they all lived

happily ever afterward. |

1. "Castle" is the direct object of "finding" which is a gerund that functions as the object of the preposition "in."
2. "Men" is the indirect object of "told" and the subject of the infinitives "to spur" and "put." "Speed" is the direct object of "put." The infinitive phrases function as direct objects of "told."
3. "Long" can simply be considered an adverb. Those who do not see it as such may want to consider it as an adjective in an ellipsed construction -- "a long time." In this view, "long" modifies "time" which is a noun used as an adverb.
4. "Jack" is the direct object of the infinitive "to meet." The infinitive functions as an adverb (of purpose) to "came."