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Jack and His Golden Box: Sentence-Combining with Adjectives
Analysis Key / Notes
Example: Here is a cake {for you}. | It is big (PA). | [4.5 W/MC]
        Here is a big cake {for you}. | [7 W/MC]

Note that the prepositional phrase "for you" can be explained either as an adjective to "cake" or as an adverb to "is."

1. *You* Take this box (DO), Jack [DirA]. | It is little (PA). | [3.5 W/MC]

*You* Take this little box (DO), Jack [DirA]. | [5 W/MC]
2. Then the old man drew {out of his pocket} a box (DO). | The box was golden (PA). | [7.5 W/MC]
Then the old man drew {out of his pocket} a golden box (DO). | [12 W/MC]
3. Jack had supper (DO). | It was good (PA). | [3 W/MC]
Jack had a good supper (DO). | [5 W/MC]
4. In came the lady {of the house}. | She was young (PA). | [5 W/MC]
In came the young lady {of the house}. | [8 W/MC]
5. There is a pretty man (PN) {in the kitchen}. | He is young (PA). | [5.5 W/MC]
There is a pretty, young man (PN) {in the kitchen}. | [9 W/MC]

Note that in the combined sentence "pretty" is syntactically ambiguous -- it could mean "very" or "somewhat" and modify "young." In the original, however, it clearly means "pretty and young." (See also Expletive "There.")

6. {After a journey} they came again {to Jack and the King}. | The journey was merry (PA). | [7.5 W/MC]
{After a merry journey} they came again {to Jack and the King}. | [12 W/MC]

Obviously some students will come up with variant answers to an exercise such as this one. The following are therefore only some of the possible responses. Note. by the way, that although the focus of this exercise is decombining sentences, the exercise may also help some students remember that "must" is usually part of a finite verb phrase.
Example: The King made a funny noise (DO). |
    The King made a noise (DO). | The noise was funny (PA). |

1. I must have a great lake (DO). |

I must have a lake (DO). | It must be great (PA). |
2. One {of the largest vessels} must fire a royal salute (DO). |
One {of the largest vessels} must fire a salute (DO). | The salute must be royal (PA). |
3. Out hopped three little red men. |
Out hopped three red men. | They were little (PA). |
Out hopped three little men. | They were red (PA). |
[This is a good sentence for discussing how the shorter sentence emphasizes the characteristic it embodies -- "little" or "red."]
4. You must get me (IO) a great castle (DO). |
You must get me (IO) a castle (DO). | It must be great (PA). |
5. The gentleman now made a large hunting party (DO). |
The gentleman now made a hunting party (DO). | It was large (PA). |
6. The castle {upon the twelve golden pillars} had disappeared. |
The castle {upon the twelve pillars} had disappeared. | The pillars were golden (PA). |