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(Code and Color Key)

Exercise # 15 Based on
The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan by Beatrix Potter
Is It a Finite Verb? (2)
Analysis Key

1. All the village could see Ribby (DO) fetching the doctor. |

"Ribby fetching the doctor" fails the "sentence-test." "Doctor" is the direct object of the gerundive "fetching," which modifies "Ribby." (At KISS Level Five, some students may prefer to explain "Ribby fetching the doctor" as a noun absolute that functions as the direct object of "could see.") Note also that "village" is a personification and stands for the people in the village.
2. I left that drawer (DO) pulled out. |
"That drawer pulled out" means something different than those words do here -- it means that the drawer did the pulling. Thus "pulled" fails the "sentence-test." It is a gerundive that modifies "drawer."
3. Duchess had been left (P) {by herself}, sitting {before the fire}, sighing and

groaning and feeling very unhappy. |

"Duchess sitting, sighing, groaning and feeling" all  fail the "sentence-test." They are gerundives that modify "Duchess."
4. Ribby met Duchess (DO) half-way {down the street}, also carrying a basket, 

covered {with a cloth}. |

"Duchess carrying a basket" and "A basket covered with cloth" both  fail the "sentence-test." Thus they are not finite verbs. "Basket" is the direct object of the gerundive "carrying," which modifies "Duchess." The gerundive "covered" modifies "basket."
5. She found a pink and white pie-dish (DO) lying smashed {in the middle} {of the yard}. |
Both "pie-dish lying in the middle of the yard" and "pie-dish smashed" fail the "sentence-test." "Lying" and "smashed" are gerundives that modify "pie-dish."