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(Code and Color Key)

Exercise # 14 Based on
The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan by Beatrix Potter
Is It a Finite Verb? (1)
Analysis Key

1. Once {upon a time} there was a Pussy-cat (PN) called Ribby. |

"Pussy-cat called Ribby" fails the sentence test in that it means something different than what those words mean in this sentence. I might note, by the way, that "called" and "named" are the two gerundives most frequently used by third graders. Indeed they are almost the only gerundives used by third graders. "Ribby" is a retained predicate noun after the passive "called." [For an alternative explanation of "there," see "Expletives."]
2. It is not necessary (PA) {in pies} made {of mouse}. |
"Pies made of mouse" fails the sentence test. Thus "made" is a gerundive that modifies "pies."
3. Ribby invited a little dog (DO) called Duchess, {to tea}. |
See the explanation for # 1.
4. Duchess ran home [NuA] feeling uncommonly silly! |
"Duchess feeling silly" fails the sentence test. "Silly" can be explained either as a predicate adjective, or as an adverb, to "feeling." "Feeling" is a gerundive that modifies "Duchess."
5. He saw Duchess's little black nose (DO) peeping {round the corner}. |
"Nose peeping round the corner" fails the sentence test. Peeping is a gerundive that modifies "nose."