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 (Code and Color Key)

Exercise # 9 Based on
The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies by Beatrix Potter
Analysis Key

1. Mr. McGregor tied up the sack (DO). |

Or: tied up (secured)
2. A little old mouse picked over the rubbish (DO) {among the jam pots} [#1]. |
Or: picked over (searched)
3. Mr. McGregor threw down the sack (DO) {on the stone floor}. |

4. Mr. McGregor came back and picked up the sack (DO), and carried it (DO) off. |

5. Suddenly Mr. McGregor emptied out a sackful (DO) [#2] {of lawn mowings} right

(upon the top} {of the sleeping Flopsy Bunnies}! |

1. Some people will consider "among the jam pots" as an adverb to "picked (over)"; others will see it as an adjective to "rubbish."
2. Some thoughtful students are going to note that "sackful" answers the question "How much?" as well as "What?" Thus they may justifiably want to consider "sackful" a noun used as an adverb.